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Attention on (1) screen sizes and screen resolutions: You may want to use higher screen resolutions if the map area displayed on your computer screen is too narrow (especially when you use a relatively smaller screen with lower resolutions). If you receive this message: (ERR0924) Requested image is too big and cannot be created, please reduce the size of your browser (i.e. Internet Explorer) window. (2) Aerial photo issues: Due to the limitation of the map server and huge sizes of the aerial photos, you may get an "ERR0143" error when you browsing the map in smaller scales (like loading aerial photos on entire county areas). We suggest you to zoon to an area with scale larger than 1:4000 (on the map scale larger than 1 inch = 334 feet or an area smaller than a quarter-quarter section area) before you select a year of aerial photo to turn the aerial photos on.

Survey Plat Image Retrieval Information Transfer System

This system is provided to assist you with retrieving survey related documents without having to come to our office. The images in iSpirits will be available as soon as they are scanned therefore you will have the most current information possible. We encourage iSpirits users to use Adobe Reader instead of opening the images within the web browser. For instructions on how to setup Adobe Reader as the default program to open images(PDFs), please click here.

This service is provided free of charge but we do not have dedicated personnel or other resources to assist you in retrieving and printing these documents. You may still choose to come to our office and purchase copies as in the past.

What information is available in iSpirits?
Information is currently available for taxlots, surveys, plats, government corners, benchmarks, section maps, county roads, and geodetic control points.

What is the maximum number of records returned when performing a search?
Currently, iSpirits limits the amount of records returned to 700 at one time. This limitation is to prevent your browser from "choking" on the amount of information it receives. Future plans include removing this restriction.

How to view images
Some of the images on iSpirits are PDF (Portable Document Format) which offer higher-quality, scalable printouts rather than standard HTML pages. To open these files, you will need Adobe Reader software on Macintosh, Windows systems or on a portable device. Additionally, you will need to check your program/browser settings. If you do not have Adobe Reader already installed on your computer, you can download the installer and instructions free from the Adobe Web site.

Download Adobe Reader

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Engineering/Surveying Services
Land Use and Transportation

Washington County Surveyor's Office
155 N. first Ave. Suite 250, MS 15
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Scott Young, County Surveyor

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